Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are absurd

     The other day, a person I was counseling  rattled off a list of fried stuffs she regularly ate during snack time. She also confessed she loved sweets but was willing to give all these bad habits up. As I was going through what she consumed in a day, I saw that she didn't eat curds [yoghurt] at the end of her meal. In traditional South Indian cuisine, it's the last course of the meal. When I asked her, she said that she had stopped eating it although she loved it since she heard it was 'fattening'. 

 Why am I relating this anecdote?

 My first point is that curds/ yoghurt is actually a very healthy food and provides B Vitamins, protein , Calcium and probiotics [digestion - friendly microorganisms] in spite of having as much as 4 - 5 gs fat per 100 ml [katori or 1/2 cup].
 Secondly, I would prefer her to have yoghurt with all its inherent fat instead of the junk she ate regularly. Curds /yoghurt can also be made fat-free at home - just boil milk - cool and refrigerate without covering for 5-6 hrs - take out and remove thick cream layer completely. This milk is now skimmed or low in fat and ready to be used to set curds. To make doubly sure that it is low fat you can even boil it again after removing cream [especially for non packet milk], cool for a while and remove the cream again.
 Thirdly, ever noticed how we'll do something like avoiding curds or even bananas and potatoes - yet we'll turn around and have that pastry,puff, samosa or chaat? 
There is a lot of misleading information out there for sure but the problem is not 'out there' or the incorrect info - the problem lies with choosing to follow only the advice that's convenient for us and forget about all the other scientifically proven facts like how a low fat eating plan and exercise are guaranteed to reduce weight!  

We love short cuts - but let's face it, there are NO short cuts to a long healthy life. What could make a difference is learning to enjoy the long journey :)


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  2. a new one will be up today dear - thanks for your commitment to have me write :)


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