Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funny Bone

This happened while I was consulting for a software firm in Bangalore :)

I had been trying to get a hold of an engineer whom I had counselled previously, to come in for a follow up. After a lot of convincing - I finally managed to have him come in . He hadn't even dreamed he'd be meeting me that day and reluctantly entered my cabin and sat with his arms folded across his chest the whole time. Obviously not following my diet instructions and having gained a few kgs, we talked about his eating habits for some time and then he stood up to leave 
- still with arms folded. I could see a cartoon on his T shirt - I'm a huge fan of T shirt humour and I asked if I could read what was written. Slowly, unwillingly, he unfolded his arms and on his tee, next to a smiling fat guy was the legend

 'By the time I'm thin, FAT will be IN'.

I kid you not :) true story. I was rolling with laughter in my seat and the poor guy literally ran out never to be seen again.


  1. i shared it in a NICHE meeting right after it happened - don't know if you remember :)

  2. 'By the time I'm thin, FAT will be IN'. ho ho ho

  3. :)I couldn't believe it for a minute - it was such a coincidence [or maybe not]


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